‘Look at These Scenes’ is a blog dedicated to a passion for watching football in foreign lands and sampling the culture that surrounds the beautiful game.

As a self-confessed footballing nomad, I hope this blog provides you with some inspiration to seek out your own unique football adventures. Set yourself free from the pretence of Sky Sports and the ‘best league in the world’, and you’ll be amazed at the openness and at times awe inspiring nature of football overseas in comparison! More often than not it’ll welcome you in with open arms!

At worst this blog will provide you with an insight into some amazing (and not so amazing) experiences of football overseas; and at best, there will be some half decent photos to tell the tale!

‘Look at These Scenes’ is also a platform for other writers and bloggers to share their experiences of watching football abroad. So whether it’s a European football weekend or a long haul excursion I’d love to hear from you (if you’ve stood on an empty terrace in the Moldovan 2nd Division all the better!)…just visit the ‘submit an article’ section for more details.

What’s in a name?…

From a marketing point of view I probably couldn’t have picked a worse name for a football website! But this is not a consumer driven blog!

‘Look at These Scenes’ was named after that classic piece of John Motson commentary from the 2002 World Cup in Japan, when Robbie Keane scored a last minute equaliser against Germany. A ‘goosebump’ moment for the armchair fan, but more importantly a classic soundbyte that sums up the wonderment of those classic moments we have all experienced watching the game we love.

Happy Travels!

Jeff Prevost

Email: prevo10@hotmail.com

Twitter: @prevo10

Instagram: @prevo10

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