Guest Writers

I would like to thank the following guest writers for their contributions to this blog site. Each writer listed below can be searched via the category section on the home page:

Kevin McPherson (@Kevmcp_sport)

Iain Pearce (@mustoe02)

Andreas V.M

Tim Hartley (@timhhartley)

Mark Downie

Neal Underwood (@nealu_freelance)

Laurence Reade (@laurencereade)

Chris Darwen (@comeontheoviedo)

Joe Badcock (@joebadcock)

Paul Barry (@paulbarrylaw)

Rhys Hartley (@HartleyR27)

Phil Clisby (

James Tambino (@Zenit_geezer)

Jason Button (@butskijnr)

Jordan Leaver (@jordialbatraoz)

Chris Lee (@OutsideWrite)

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