Where would an A-Z tour of European football take you?

A is for Aris, AIK, AZ Alkmaar…


Where would an A-Z tour of European football take you?aris-fc-vector-logo

The rules are simple, but the choices are less straightforward.

Assuming money was no object, where would an A-Z tour of European football end up taking you?

For the connoisseurs of pan European football, the continental ground-hoppers, and those that just love combining travel with the beautiful game, this challenge should be right up your street! Once you start giving this a bit of thought certain letters of the alphabet will throw up some really difficult az-alkmaar-logodecisions as to who actually makes it into the final cut of your A-Z tour itinerary.

Will you go for Backa Backa Palanka over Barcelona, just because the intrigue of one of the best sounding names in club football draws you in more than the Nou Camp? Or will you go for Red Star Belgrade over Real Madrid purely because 90 minutes of madness alongside the Delije floats your boat more than watching Ballon D’Or winner Ronaldo checking himself out on the Bernabeu big screens?! Decisions decisions hey? Key decisions that only you will know the answer too!

Some big club experiences will definitely fall by the wayside, aik-stockholm2-old-logoand at worst this challenge will help you narrow down your ‘must visit clubs’ bucket list! (We all have one of these don’t we?!). Conversely, there will almost certainly be clubs that make your cut purely because there’s not much competition – and you’ll no doubt find yourself accommodating a club and a country that perhaps wouldn’t have ordinarily made it into your ‘top 26’ if the selection criteria was altogether different. Perhaps that’s not a bad thing, they say travel broadens the mind!

OK, so I mentioned the rules were simple, so here they are:

a) You will visit 26 different clubs in Europe, but each one you select must start with a letter from the alphabet (one team beginning with ‘A’, one team beginning with ‘B’ and so on, until you work your way to ‘Z’)

b) You can only select club teams (and ideally ones that you have not previously been too before!).

c) There is no restriction on how many clubs you can visit from one country – this is your itinerary!

Share your A-Z on ‘Look at These Scenes’!…

If you would like to share your A-Z tour selections and have them featured on this blog then please feel free to contact me. All you need to do is send me an email with a few lines explaining why you’ve selected each of your A-Z choices, and I will publish your own unique article to this website soon.

zenit-st-petersburg-logo-36038If your short on time, but would still like to work up your own A-Z short-list, please feel free to enter your choices in the Google form link below, click submit, and I’ll share your selections on this site soon. 

Click Here to submit your A-Z!

Z is for Zenit St Petersburg, Zeljeznicar….

Happy short-listing!!


email: prevo10@hotmail.com


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